rely on myself

There comes the time that I really want to rely on somebody else, for helps, for a more sensible decision, for my life become a disaster I think I couldn’t handle it properly, Or just hope someone comes and care about me because both my body and mind are tired need some AV

However, keep in mind that rely on myself, what can I do to solve all these troubles, and try to answer who am I

make decisions wisely

once make a final decision, then follow it, never vacillate over the decision again

Not “make wise descisions”, but “make decisions wisely”. Whether a decision is wise or not, who knows, however, the process of making the decision should be thoughful and be wisely

never eat food or do things which obvious cause harm

never waste time or money on which obvious have no means

However, I know now I couldn’t really keep it in my everday life, I sometimes want to eat some junk food etc. But when I do this, never think that’s that, keep ask myself “why I do harm to myself?”

keep humble

do what you have to do a little bit at a time

nothing is true, every is permitted

How to distinguish the difference between whether “permitted” or not, think the question wisely

Don’t panic

Thinking rather than panic helps myself get rid of the situation

log and metacognition


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