the stage in learning English/英语学习的阶段

think in English/用英语思考

Yesterday my friend leafriver read my blog here and advice me that the better way to improve English ability is to think in English rather than translated Chinese to English as I did in articles before. I think it’s a good suggestion. However, the reason why I chose to first writing down Chinese then translating is that I think my ability couldn’t meet the level directly thinking in English. “Think in English” almost still think in Chinese, the same logical methods just like those do in Chinese, only they express in English word now. Whatever, I just make a try and see what happens from now on.

On the other hand, I want to make this blog as a useful blog as SeisMen does. Using English everywhere must make guys like me when in the beginning level have no idea how to read and follow methods present here, so I now put down Chinese translation under the English. Enjoy it!(Said as there are people reading this blog except myself…)

And by the way, I write down the stage I met in the way learning&using English.

stage 1: just remember

stage 2: read more and more

stage 3: think in English



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